Overnight Stay Details


Vaccination proof is required before your dog can stay and play. Mail, email, hand deliver or fax this information to us before their first stay.


Rabies, Distemper/Parvo – learn more here.

Pest Free

We work hard to keep our facility pest free! Any animal showing signs of pests will be treated at the owner’s expense. Together, we can work to keep your pet healthy.

Meals/Special Diets

Dogs are fed twice a day with food brought from their own home. Specialized diets are taken care of upon request, just ask!


If your dog is taking medication, please let us know about the issue and the meds they need during their stay when you make a reservation (all meds need to be clearly marked). We want your furry kids to be happy and healthy when they stay at Rover, that’s why there are never any medication administration charges at our kennel.

“The staff at Rover Stay Over took the time to get to know our pup (all his personality traits) and tailored his stay and activities to what would make him happiest. I appreciate that staff was positive and friendly; he didn’t get a bad report card like he did at another kennel.”

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