Grooming at Rover Stay Over

A variety of dog grooming services are available at Rover Stay Over. Call today to schedule an appointment: 360-306-5931.

Grooming Options

Bathing, brushing, nail trimming or dremeling, ear cleaning and plucking, haircuts, deshedding, sanitary trims, flea baths, dematting, pad shaving and foot trimming, coat conditioner, health enhancing shampoos and more.

Available at discounted prices for fur babies up to 5 months of age. We can begin grooming them as early as 8 weeks.

Don’t hesitate to bring older pets to Rover Stay Over. We have the proper equipment to make bathing easier and are always willing to take the extra time necessary to make their experience comfortable.


Grooming and kennel bath rates depend on breed; please contact us at 360-306-5931 for a quick quote.

Ala-Cart Services

  • Blueberry Facial: $5
  • Nail Trimming or Dremeling: $10
  • Pad Shaving: $5
  • Foot Trimming: $5-10
  • Ear Cleaning: $5
  • Ear Plucking & Cleaning: $10
  • Sanitary Trim: $5
  • Teeth Brushing: $8


To maintain the integrity of grooming tools, bathing is required as a part of any grooming package. It is our policy not to groom females that are in heat or pregnant. As a matter of safety, we also cannot provide grooming services for dogs who have had recent surgeries and still have sutures. They are more than welcome once their sutures have been removed.

Thanks for your interest in professional grooming services for dogs at Rover Stay Over. We look forward to seeing you at our Whatcom County grooming salon soon!

Only place we have found in the Watcom County Area that could cut Roxy’s hair with out being cut or sent home for bad behavior. They did such a good job. Thanks y’all so much!

Rover Rave

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It's easy to book boarding stays online. Just log in to Gingr to get started. To make grooming appointments, please call us at 360-306-5931.

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