We’re hiring a front desk assistant!

Fran - office worker, Nov. 2016SUMMARY:

The front desk assistant at Rover Stay Over provides top-notch, friendly service to our customers while checking pets in and out of the facility.


  • Answering the phone and email inquiries.
  • Scheduling boarding and daycare visits for dogs.
  • Scheduling grooming appointments for dogs and cats.
  • Greeting customers and interacting in a friendly manner—every time!
  • Accepting and documenting payments; credit card processing.
  • Daily reporting/reconciling of accounts receivable.
  • Communicating with co-workers in person and via walkie-talkie system.
  • Occasionally help transition pets to and from check-in/grooming.
  • Help keep office area clean and tidy.
  • Lock/unlock facility as needed.
  • Other tasks as directed by kennel manager or Rover owners.


  • High school diploma required. Experience with customer service, working or volunteering in a vet clinic or boarding facility desired.
  • Must have a true affection for all kinds of dogs including puppies, elderly and ill/injured.
  • A positive, friendly, can-do attitude is required; able to work together as a team.
  • Availability during shift times shared above.
  • Reliability – as a small business we will be counting on you to be here on your scheduled days; must have reliable transportation.
  • Ability to follow directions, work without supervision, multi-task, and change gears quickly.
  • Knowledge of computer (scheduling software, email, data entry).
  • Able to safely lift at least 50 pounds.


  • This is not a seasonal short-term job. Applicants must be dog lovers who want to be part of our team for an extended period.
  • Shifts are Saturday (7 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.), Sunday (split shifts: 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. to 6:15 p.m.) and Monday (7 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. OR if slow, split shift like Sunday). Sorry, we do not have any openings for internships, or after-school only schedules now.
  • Our busiest times are during holidays (while the rest of the world is on vacation/spending time with their families). Rover employees are often required to work shifts during major holidays including Thanksgiving and Christmas.

JOB:  Customer Service Assistant/Front Desk

WAGE: $11/hour

REPORTS TO: Kennel manager and Rover owners


No phone calls or drop-ins, please. Email resume and cover letter to Rover Stay Over — — ASAP; position open until filled.


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Help for overweight dogs

bodie with ball 2Is your dog looking a little chunky? Just as with us humans, it’s unhealthy for pups to be carrying unnecessary weight.

If you’ve been wondering if your canine companion is carrying extra pounds, here is a simple test and a few things you can do to ensure your dog is healthy.

First, simply feel around your dog’s backbone and ribs. Do you feel the ribcage? Great. If not, your dog needs to shed a few pounds. Only a thin layer of fat should lie between the skin and the bones; any more than that can be unhealthy.

According to a 2011 study, 53 percent of dogs are overweight (0 to 15 percent above their ideal weight) or obese (15 percent or more above their ideal weight).

As with humans, the solution to weight loss involves two main factors: diet and exercise.

Diet: Limit snacks and treats

First, it’s important to remember that treats and snacks should comprise no more than 10 percent of a dog’s diet.

Next, you’ll need to pay attention to the quality of your dog’s food. Ask your dog’s vet for a recommendation on the best diet; depending on your pup’s breed, age, health and size, its needs will vary.

In general, commercial dog food can take care of a dog’s nutritional needs, but some brands include filler products that can pack on weight without contributing to nutritional value. Read labels!

The key is not to overfeed; dogs need two meals a day, depending on the exercise they’re getting. As always, ask your vet what type and how much food to give your pup.

Exercise: You’re the key

To ensure your four-legged friend gets enough exercise, there’s one key ingredient: you.Bodie with ball 3

Dogs are born to work, but many modern dogs are never given a job to do. Instead, they often just sit around, which can lead to a little sideways expansion. You can fix this by taking your dog for walks and playing with her in the yard.

And not only is daily exercise good for your pup’s health, it also can improve mental health, reduce anxious behaviors and alleviate boredom.

If your busy lifestyle doesn’t afford much time for exercise with your dog, consider giving Rover Stay Over a call. Ask about our buddy playgroups! At our Whatcom County dog kennel, we can set up a fun day of exercise for your pup that will be sure to send him home dog tired — and on the path toward better health.


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Thundershirts: Great options for calming anxious dogs

Do you have an excitable or nervous dog? One who freaks out over fireworks and thunderstorms or who acts like her world is ending whenever you leave them at doggy daycare?

Several of Rover Stay Over’s customers have canine companions who behave like this, and they’ll often share tips on what works to calm their furry babies down.

Lately, some of Rover’s four-legged guests have been wearing special wraps that aim to reduce dog anxiety. And, per their owners, they work!

(not an actual ThunderShirt) 


The principle behind ThunderShirts is that they provide consistent, calming pressure, not unlike the loving hug that embraces a swaddled baby. In fact, veterinarians have described the practice as reminding a dog what he felt like as a baby, snuggling safely into his mother’s body.

A group of researchers ― including renowned expert Dr. Temple Grandin ― tested whether this swaddling technique actually works to reduce dog anxiety. While they advocate for more research, here’s the gist of what they found in their study:

“Results from this study showed dogs who wore the ThunderShirt to manufacturer’s specifications had lowered heart rate, decreased visual orientation towards the door (looking for their owner), as well as trending toward reduced yawning and tongue-flicking stress behaviors.”

Sounds effective, right?

Dog kennel and boarding customers have shared similar anecdotal tales of the wrap’s effectiveness in calming their excitable dogs, especially when it comes to noise phobias. According to ThunderShirt’s website, the vests work in at least 80 percent of cases.

The ThunderShirt looks like a lightly quilted vest  that wraps around the dog’s body, with hook-and-  loop straps that help the vest maintain a snug,  secure hold on the dog. They come in various  styles and colors, too ― from a muted gray to a  bright fuchsia, and even a camouflaged option ―  to match your dog’s personality.

What do you think? Have you ever tried a  ThunderShirt or used the swaddling technique to  calm your dog? Has it worked for you? What other approaches have you tried? Reach out to Rover Stay Over on Facebook to share your advice.

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Have you ever heard of Alternative Humane Society?

Have you ever heard of Alternative Humane Society?

Rover Stay Over is super proud to be working with them, and we wanted to take a little time to talk about what they do and how they serve the many amazing animals ― and animal lovers ― in the Whatcom County community.

For starters, the unique thing about AHS is that it’s a 501(c)3 nonprofit staffed only by volunteers. They don’t have an office, they don’t have paid staff and they don’t have a shelter or kennels. All of the dogs they take in are living in foster homes while they await loving, permanent homes. They only take as many animals as they have foster homes for, and then they keep them until they find it a permanent family.


Now that’s pretty cool!

And in addition to caring for animals in distress, Alternative Humane Society does an enormous amount of work to prevent animals from ever needing help in the first place. Since their founding in 1977, part of their mission has been to educate the public on how to reduce the numbers of unwanted animals. Informational campaigns on spaying and neutering, for example, are a big part of their efforts.

AHS also works diligently to expand their ability to take in more animals and to find them homes. They’re always recruiting and training new volunteers for foster homes and case managers.

They don’t receive federal funding, and every cent they raise goes back into the process of helping animals.Dani with Harley and Riggins

So how do businesses like Rover Stay Over fit in? Rover and other organizations in the community step in to donate services that AHS can’t provide on their own. For example, we provide free boarding for some of Alternative Humane Society’s adoptable dogs. We have also held food and supply drives that benefited AHS.

It’s the least we can do to care for Whatcom County’s animals and the wonderful people who are helping them to live the best possible lives. We’re proud to be part of such a loving, pet-friendly community!

For more information about the Alternative Humane Society, visit their website at And look out for their monthly Adopt-A-Thons! We look forward to seeing you and your newly adopted fur baby at Rover Stay Over.


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Weekend daycare for dogs in Whatcom County

15139712_10208042218788819_26784799_nDoes your dog know when it’s the weekend?

Unless she keeps a calendar near her bed, the obvious answer is “of course not!”

But if your busy lifestyle often keeps you occupied on the weekend, it’s a safe bet that, based on her decrease in activity on Saturdays and Sundays, your four-legged friend is wise to the schedule.

This is why Rover Stay Over has made a commitment to providing weekend daycare for dogs in Whatcom County. If your schedule has you coming and going on the weekend, don’t stress about your furry buddy not getting the exercise, companionship and socialization she needs.

At Rover, doggy daycare and boarding don’t stop when the workweek ends. We’re fully staffed and always ready to show your dogs a great time.

Related: Did you know that Rover Stay Over provides dog and cat grooming services? Find out more about how we can help keep your pets looking and feeling amazing.

Cheering your heart out at a Mariners, Seahawks, Sounders or Storm game on Sunday? No problem.

kali-jan-2017Leaving town for business and returning Sunday afternoon? We’ll be here!

Attending a special function at church all Sunday long? We’ve got you covered.

Want a simple, dog-free outing with friends and family on Saturday? Leave Fido with us, and you’ll both have a blast.

Or maybe you’re making a quick midweek trip to Winthrop or Leavenworth, and you’re getting back Saturday evening. Again — and you must see the pattern here — don’t worry. Rover Stay Over is one of the few dog kennels around that offers weekend doggy daycare near Bellingham. Our aim is to make life easier for your pups (and for you).

549406_497091893680390_31116314_nWe are open for pickups and dropoffs seven days a week, meaning that no matter what day you need us, we’re here.

Rover office staff are available to answer questions and make appointments from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. For pets, by appointment only, check-in and check-out times are available every day of the week from 7 to 10 a.m. and from 4 to 6 p.m.

After all, why should you get to have fun on the weekend while your dog sits at home alone? Feel free to bring your pups to Rover for a half day, a full day — or more — of good, old-fashioned doggy daycare fun.

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Stinky dog? We can fix that.

Does your dog smell funky? It certainly doesn’t have to.

A healthy dog shouldn’t smell — to us humans, anyway — much like a dog.

img_7121Dogs certainly can emit a lot of scents, but most of them are designed for the powerful noses of other dogs. If your own human nose smells a powerful scent of “dog” coming from your four-legged friend, they probably need grooming or something strange may be afoot.

That’s one reason it’s important that dogs get baths and checkups. A regular wash and groom is critical to your dog’s health, especially when an experienced groomer is handling the duties.

The right groomer will be able to select the best shampoo for your dog’s coat and skin and they will also be on the lookout for any medical or comfort issues that need to be addressed (like fleas, sores or nail issues).

While giving your pooch a nice wash, scrub and trim, a professional groomer will give her a careful once-over, from the tip of her tail to the tip of her nose, and note any problems.

Grooming your dog should happen about once a month, maybe a bit more or less depending on your dog’s breed. A consistent date with a groomer will ensure your pup stays clean while also getting a regular, professional inspection.

Did you know that you can take advantage of our grooming services while your pup is spending time here at Rover Stay Over? It’s true! We wash, groom and offer a number of a-la-carte services to keep your dogs in a clean, healthy (and great-smelling) condition.

535444_330772723645642_548360742_nGrooming services at Rover Stay Over include bathing, brushing, nail trimming, ear cleaning and plucking, haircutting, deshedding, sanitary trimming, flea bathing, dematting, pad shaving, foot trimming, coat conditioning and health-enhancing shampooing. You can even add a blueberry facial or a complete round of teeth brushing!

All of this can take place without a special trip to a second location. We’ll handle all of your dog’s grooming needs while he or she is already here for doggy daycare or overnight boarding. Just schedule a grooming session when you may your daycare/boarding appointments.

While we don’t currently board cats, we do offer cat grooming, too. Call to schedule an appointment. It’s important!

If you have a stinky dog and you want convenient grooming services near Lynden and Bellingham — without a second trip to a separate grooming facility — ask us about Rover Stay Over’s pet grooming services.

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Your pup’s home away from home for the holidays

Your pup’s home away from home for the holidays

It isn’t always easy leaving your best friends behind when you travel.

It’s peak travel season, and you’re planning on heading out of town soon. But how confident are you that your dog also will have a great time while you’re away?

If you’ve booked a stay with Rover Stay Over, there’s no need to worry.


Rover Stay Over’s staff are dog lovers, through and through. We fully staff our dog boarding kennel because we want the attention, affection and companionship your furry babies get here at Rover to be as close as possible to what they receive at home.

“We always feel at ease dropping our pup off [at Rover Stay Over] and they are always so welcoming and friendly. You can tell each and every employee has a passion for dogs and that they will take the best care of them during their stay.”

-Kelsey Kooiman, via Facebook

Worried that your dog might run away if they stay with a friend while you travel? Know that Rover’s fences are sturdy and professional. Our fences are able to withstand the toughest abuse (and they prevent dogs who might be escape artists from getting on the lam).

Concerned your dog won’t be comfy in a boarding kennel? Rover uses only the best elevated dog beds to help ensure your pup sleeps comfortably.


If your dog is an older one, or has medical needs, you can feel confident that he or she will be well attended to. Rover Stay Over administers medication for no extra charge, and — again, these are dog lovers we’re talking about — they use a loving hand with sick, injured or older dogs.

“Absolutely LOVE this place and the people who work there… and so does our dog!  🙂 We highly recommend Rover Stay Over to anyone who needs a place for their dog!”

-Autumn Whittern, via Facebook

Is your flight on a Saturday night? Are you due to land on Sunday morning? No worries. Rover Stay Over is open for checkins and checkouts seven days per week, meaning you can drop off or pick up your furry friend on any day that’s most convenient for you and your schedule.

If you’re heading out of town soon, you — and your furry friend — can do no better than our award-winning canine care facility located here in Whatcom County. Please give us a call today!

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